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Who am I ?

A veritable labyrinth with a rich history, I like to reveal to travelers part of my past at the bend of a corridor. Over time, my 14th century facade in Romanesque style, my old stones from the wall of Augustus, my exposed beams, my 16th century spiral staircase, my many antique furniture and my modern equipment did not nothing marred the charisma and authenticity of my old building. Sit down for a moment and try to uncover all my secrets ...

Every year, I like to receive visitors and travelers in search of knowledge, adventure and rest, under my roof. From all over the world, families, couples, groups of friends and solo travelers will be warmly received.

I am La Muette, a charming hotel in the heart of Arles!

What's my story?

In the streets of Arles, rumors circulate, the inhabitants whisper and visitors peddle my story. Angèle Miscopain, originally from the La Muette district in Paris, moved to Arles during World War II and made me a licensed house. It was in 1961 that I became a hotel with my takeover by Madame Martin. In 1979, the Deplancke family bought me and I saw several generations of the family grow.

All my owners have been able to embellish my interior and bring me up to date to always offer quality stays. Today, it is a family of farmers from Arles who have taken up the torch. Falling under the spell of my labyrinthine look, it is with passion and devotion that they will tell you my story, right down to the origins of my name.

What are my ethics?

I open my doors to travelers from all over the world, with simplicity and kindness. My owners and I treat everyone fairly, we appreciate the richness of differences. You will appreciate our warm local welcome and our family atmosphere. We want you to feel right at home!

What are my eco-responsible actions?

We wish to evolve in an approach respectful of people and the environment. During your stay with me, ask my owners for all our little gestures. Every day, we implement various eco-responsible actions:

  •  Local and fair breakfast
  •  Selective sorting and recycling
  •  Nothing is wasted: antique furniture, reuse, second hand, DIY creation, etc.
  •  Limit packaging: “bulk” approach
  •  & many others that we will share with you.

What are my future goals?

We are in a process of labeling for fair, responsible and inclusive tourism. Within a few years, we have the goal of "zero plastic". We are in the process of becoming a partner in an initiative to help poor housing, offering low-cost rooms for longer or shorter transitional periods for people in complex housing situations. We wish to continue our civic action, by associating ourselves with Solikend , which offers hotel reservations and support for 'association.